Super Bowl Outreach Kit

2016 Power to Win Outreach Video

Featuring Carolina Panthers Linebacker Thomas Davis


Series Theme: “Playmakers”

Playmakers Sermon Series (Theme Pack) $12.00 Summary: Throughout scripture we find God calling out "Playmakers" and game-changers to ...
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Series Theme: “In The Trenches”

In The Trenches Sermon Series (Theme Pack) $12.00 Summary: Life isn't a spectator sport. If we expect it ...
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GO! Great Commission | Evangelism

Series Theme: “GO!”

Go! Because Nobody Can Fill Your Shoes Sermon Series Theme Pack $12.00 Summary: The Great Commission wasn't the Good ...
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thm Reorient

Series Theme: “ReOrient”

ReOrient: Recapturing the Missional Journey Sermon Series Ideas (Theme Pack) $11.95 Summary: Lead people out of consumer Christianity and ...
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Series Theme: “Abba Father”

Abba: Knowing God as Father Sermon Series (Theme Pack) $11.95 Summary: Our image of God is the most important ...
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Series Theme: “Repetition”

Repetition: What We Do Consistently Will Define Us Sermon Series Ideas (Theme Pack) $11.95 Summary: At the end of ...
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roman gladiators

Series Theme: “Gladiators”

Gladiators Sermon Series Theme Pack $11.95 Summary: Like the ancient Roman gladiators, we don’t get to choose the arenas ...
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Series Theme: “I Love The 80’s”

I Love The 80s Sermon Series Theme Pack $11.95 Summary: Use this retro theme to teach on the timeless ...
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