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Mother Teresa: A saint despite spiritual ‘darkness’

When Pope Francis canonizes Mother Teresa on Sunday, he’ll be honoring a nun who won admirers around the world and a Nobel Peace Prize for her joy-filled dedication to the “poorest of the poor.” He’ll also be recognizing holiness in a woman who felt so abandoned by God.

‘Risen’: Hollywood Finally Makes a Great Bible Movie

Christian audiences have felt a little burned lately by bad movies on biblical subjects. But one really good movie can change all that. “Risen,” directed by Kevin Reynolds and starring Joseph Fiennes, is the story of the manhunt for the corpse of Jesus Christ. Spoiler alert: They don’t find it.

9 Worship Service Surprises That Made Guests Return

In a recent Twitter survey, Thom S. Rainer asked respondents to share a singular event that impressed them in a church worship service. In fact, most of the respondents said they were “delighted” or “surprised,” and that the one event made them desire to return to the church.

Hugh Jackman: I’m a Christian

Hugh Jackman, who is set to play St Paul in an upcoming film about the apostle’s life, has spoken out about his own religious faith. In a candid interview with Parade magazine, Jackman said...

The 5 Worst Husbands in the Bible

The Bible is full of examples to follow, as good people live good lives and give us good advice. But it’s got quite a few examples of people who behaved really badly, some of...