Rap artist Cameo

Hailing from Clearwater, Florida, rap artist Cameo came from a troubled past and had a life-changing experience while locked up in a juvenile center. “Chosen” is the Breakaway TV documentary of his testimony and birth of his music ministry.

Cameo first started writing Christian rhymes when he was locked up in a juvenile center in central Florida after he was inspired by the ministry of Sean Slaughter when he watched the hip hop documentary “Hittin Da Bricks.” After being released from the juvenile program he began living at the Shepherds Inn Place aftercare ministry where he continued to grow in the Word of God and learn about how to use his gifts for the kingdom of God.

He eventually began going back into juvenile facilities ministering the Word through his music with Breakaway Outreach ministries. Cameo “The Kid” has been in the studio working on his first album.

The DVD features Cameo on tour, mixing it up in the studio, chillin’ at the Holy Land Experience, discovering boogie-boarding 101, and showing the world how he “keeps it Christian.” A great evangelistic film for youth, young adults, and juvenile detention centers. Bonus features include outtakes, commentary, and Cameo’s music video “Whose Side You On?”.