Most members of the American public like churches but dislike banks and news media, new research shows.

Poll: Republicans Like Church

According to a recent poll, Republicans like church more than Democrats. Republicans are “far more positive towards churches than Democrats,” the report says.

Pew Research surveyed more than 1,000 adults in August and September on their views of six “institutions”: churches and religious organisations; large corporations; banks and financial institutions; national news media, colleges and universities and trade unions.

Just two of the six institutions, churches and colleges, were viewed “positively”, each by nearly six in ten people.

And where there was hostility, it was directed most strongly at the mainstream media.

Seven in ten people said news media affect things negatively. Just one in five believed the media have a positive effect on life in the United States.

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Republicans were most hostile to news media, with more than eight in ten believing in its negative effect.

This contrasted with views on churches and religious organisations, where more than seven in ten Republicans said they have a positive effect compared to fewer than half of Democrats.

More Democrats than Republicans were negative about the effects of banks and corporations on life in the US.

Report author Abigail Geiger writes: “Fewer than half of Republicans (34 per cent) and Democrats (26 per cent) say corporations have a positive impact; 39 per cent of Republicans and 32 per cent of Democrats say banks have a positive impact.”