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How to Play Jungle Pong

Jungle pong is a super fun ping pong game (that everyone in the group can play regardless of skill level) where the ball can bounce off the ground, walls, ceiling, etc.

Human Foosball

Not unlike human chess, human foosball has become a popular group sport. Rules are much like the tabletop version with the winner determined by the first team to get five goals.

JOSHUA Sermon Theme

Joshua demonstrates his faith in God as He follows the orders given to Him and takes leadership of the nation. Joshua truly was “strong and courageous” (1:7).

Mother Teresa: A saint despite spiritual ‘darkness’

When Pope Francis canonizes Mother Teresa on Sunday, he’ll be honoring a nun who won admirers around the world and a Nobel Peace Prize for her joy-filled dedication to the “poorest of the poor.” He’ll also be recognizing holiness in a woman who felt so abandoned by God.