basketball outreach video

On The Rebound: Basketball Outreach

How does someone go from All-America to All-D.O.C. (Department of Corrections)? That’s the question Regi Harris answers in On The Rebound, a gripping story of how a boy who grew up in the church can find himself in a lonely prison cell by making a few seemingly harmless decisions to fit in with the crowd.

Ilze Luneau basketball show

Play For God: Motivational Basketball Video

Play for God.  94 min DVD. 3 great videos in 1!  Motivation, basic basketball drills, and advanced tricks. In the first part of this video, Ilze shares how even basketball can be used for God. Includes clips from Ilze’s Christian basketball entertainment and motivational presentation. Ilze gets audience attention with basketball tricks and gives a message on putting God first, working hard for God, enjoying life, never give up on God’s values, and living in balance with other people.