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dead serious christian hip hop rap

Dead Serious

Patrick Davis has experienced his dose of drama… he overdosed on L.S.D., escaped gun shots, witnessed his brother’s murder, and was in and out of prison all before his nineteenth birthday.

basketball outreach video

On The Rebound: Basketball Outreach

How does someone go from All-America to All-D.O.C. (Department of Corrections)? That’s the question Regi Harris answers in On The Rebound, a gripping story of how a boy who grew up in the church can find himself in a lonely prison cell by making a few seemingly harmless decisions to fit in with the crowd.

todd williams of the tennessee titans

No More Excuses

A father gunned down on the streets… A mother whose drug habits kept her enslaved to the criminal justice system…  A frequent face in juvenile detention centers… All of these are part of Todd Williams’ story as he went from a homeless teen to being a star football player at Florida State University, then being drafted by the NFL (Tennessee Titans).

sean slaughter, christian rap artist

Sean Slaughter: Christian Rap Artist

“Hittin’ Da Bricks” is a 45-minute music documentary following Christian rap artist Sean Slaughter. Features include live concert footage, music videos, behind the scenes interviews, comedy, bloopers, and more.

Chosen: Christian Rap and Hip Hop Ministry

Hailing from Clearwater, Florida, rap artist Cameo came from a troubled past and had a life-changing experience while locked up in a juvenile center. “Chosen” is the Breakaway TV documentary of his testimony and birth of his music ministry.