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How to Play Jungle Pong

Jungle pong is a super fun ping pong game (that everyone in the group can play regardless of skill level) where the ball can bounce off the ground, walls, ceiling, etc.

Youth Group Icebreaker Questions

You’ve been given a free gift card to eat at any restaurant in the world with no price limit. Where do you go and what do you eat? If you could change your name, what would it be?

Small Group Icebreakers

Icebreakers encourage people to get to know each other. It is important that icebreakers be non-threatening. What is non-threatening to some group members could terrify others.

Tony Dungy: Perseverance In Pain

Tony Dungy’s words and example have intrigued millions of people, particularly following his victory in Super Bowl XLI, the first for an African American coach. As a devout follower of Jesus Christ, Dungy has earned widespread respect both on and off the field.

extreme sports video countdowns for youth group meetings

Church Countdowns | Extreme Sports

 Extreme Sports Video Countdowns, Vol.1 DVD $8.99 A great resource to build anticipation and excitement while reminding your students that the service will start in three minutes. This collection of animated countdowns put to...