KICKOFF Football Theme Graphics Kit

KICKOFF graphics for sermon/teaching theme. Ideal for football season, church super bowl party, sports ministry, men’s ministry, sermon series, kickoff event, or youth ministry series/event.

JESUS HD Sermon Theme

What if the life of Christ had been documented by ESPN or CNN? How would the news headlines read? What would the highlight reel look like? What would the analysts argue about? Who would be the saints? Who would be the sinners? Who would be the heroes? Who would be the villains? Explore the life of Christ and teach through the gospels in high definition.

8 Tips for Handling the Talker in Your Small Group

If you lead a Bible study group, odds are you’ve got a “talker” in your midst. You know the type—they love to hear themselves speak and they can dominate a group’s discussion, often hijacking the conversation away from other group members. To handle the tension caused by the talker in your group, consider these tips.