Mother Teresa: A saint despite spiritual ‘darkness’

When Pope Francis canonizes Mother Teresa on Sunday, he’ll be honoring a nun who won admirers around the world and a Nobel Peace Prize for her joy-filled dedication to the “poorest of the poor.” He’ll also be recognizing holiness in a woman who felt so abandoned by God.

Sex, Millennials, and the Church: 5 Implications

Ironically, Millennials will not stick with churches that have no convictions. Liberal churches with compromising views on biblical sexuality will not attract and retain Millennials. Though Millennials are indeed increasingly liberal in their views and actions on sexuality, they view churches as places that should be convictional and even counter-cultural.

Statewide TN polls show Christian belief shapes stance on issues

In spite of a move away from organized religion in much of the country, Tennessee is still firmly evangelical Christian, according to a recent MTSU poll. And that faith shapes the way the state leans on hot-button issues, the finds show. The “scientifically-valid” poll was conducted last month and surveyed 600 randomly-selected Tennessee adults, the school’s pollsters said of the twice-annual questionnaire.

Americans Losing Faith: 1 in 5 Have No Religion

A new poll recently published highlights the secular trend sweeping the country given that one in five Americans now describe themselves as religiously unaffiliated. The survey, conducted by The Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life in conjunction with PBS’ Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, found that one-fifth of Americans – and nearly a third of adults under 30 – are religiously unaffiliated today. This marks the highest percentages that have ever been recorded by Pew Research Center polling.