Not unlike human chess, human foosball has become a popular group sport. Rules are much like the tabletop version with the winner determined by the first team to get five goals.

Here is Human Foosball set up using tables and ropes.

Image and set up by @davidhaus.

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While elaborate inflatable courts are available, you can use any type of DIY environment. Build a court anywhere from backyards or gymnasiums to park open spaces. Make the court as simple or as elaborate as desired. Use a soccer ball for play or a similarly sized lightweight ball. Ensure that the experience stays as close to the tabletop version as possible by challenging players to keep their hands on the poles at all times. Follow these simple steps and start playing your own version of human foosball.

1) Outline the play area by taking the number of players on each team into consideration. Games typically have six to nine players that act as forwards, middles and goalies. The court should allow for enough space between players and between each sliding row.

2) Enclose the court with hay bales, plywood or other materials.

3) Position six poles width-wise across the court in equally spaced rows. The poles might be made of PVC pipe or metal. The space between the rows should be close enough so that players may engage in a struggle for the ball without causing congested play.

4) Using foam, cloth or other desired material provides each player in each row with sleeves just long enough to maintain a shoulder width grip with both hands.

5) Create a designated goal area using anything from a simple line, an open space or an actual goalie net.

6) Supply each team player with shin guards or other safety equipment as desired.